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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Living Arrangements at ONU

When I first moved into my freshman dorm in Maglott, I wondered how I was going to survive in that tiny room with another person for a full school year. My roommate was Chelsea (tall blonde soccer girl) and we both had a lot of clothes and decorations to fill up our little space. Our desks and closet spaces were always overflowing with different items and come winter weather, we didn’t think all of our big coats and pants were going to fit. Somehow, we survived. I liked that we did not have to care for a bigger room and would only take us a minute to vacuum.

Sophomore year, I moved into Brookhart, which was very nice because this room had a bathroom, a living area and two separate bedrooms. Chelsea and I worked out well the first year, so we decided to live together again. Being on campus was nice because of the quick walks to all the academic buildings and I honestly didn’t mind being on ONU’s meal plan for another year, because I am not much of a cook.

I was a little disappointed at first when I heard that I was not able to move off campus until my senior year. However, my junior year apartment in Klondike’s Den worked out very well. I lived with Alex, my friend and teammate on the volleyball squad. I loved that I didn’t have to worry about paying bills or furnishing the entire apartment.

Senior year, I am off campus on University Ave with five of my closest friends – Chelsea, Alex, Kelly, Ashley and Natalie. It’s been quite interesting living under one roof with six girls. For me, it has worked out very well. I love that at least one person is home when I am home and all of our bedrooms are a decent size, so whenever I do need time alone that’s where you can find me. We cook ‘family’ dinners every now and then and we all go out together on the weekends. Some of my favorite nights have been when the six of us are gathered around the television watching trashy reality shows. All of us play/played sports and we are very supportive of each other. Also, our house is very close to Dicke, which is good for me being a business major. I can leave for class four minutes before it starts and still be on time (this is a different story when I have class in the PAC lab). Another reason why I like living in a house is because I really like our house layout – open floor plan with the kitchen and family room together, two big bathrooms with double sinks, six bedrooms that are all mostly the same size and a large front foyer (big enough for… games). Our landlord just redid our house this past summer, so everything is basically new and we only pay $250 a month plus utilities.

To say there hasn’t been drama in our house this year would be a lie, but I am glad I decided to live off campus with all of my friends. I got to experience being a big girl by paying rent, paying the bills and cleaning up/taking care of a property that’s mine (at least for ten months). This house is something I will definitely miss, especially when I am moving back in with my parents in two short months.
My room... I like bright colors.
That time our toliet overflowed into our entire kitchen.. No big deal.

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