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Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Home Life

As I was making the drive  from my boyfriend's house in Toledo to my humble abode in Cincinnati today, I had 200 miles and 3 hours to ponder, "What should I discuss in my next blog post about my life?" And I came up with: my home life.

I kept in touch with my friends from grade school and high school, which makes coming home a good time. We are still very close and even though we go to different schools, getting back together is like we never left each others side. I love living near downtown, where there are neat bars and clubs everywhere to enjoy with my pals. My friends and I know how to have a good time, responsibly of course.

Not only do my friends know how to have a good time, my parents and family members know how to party. My parents love to catch up with me over a glass of wine and they're always willing to cook up a good meal when I come home. My mom and I have the same taste in television shows. We love to relax on our big, comfy couch and tune into the latest reality shows.

Another reason I love coming home is my dog, Izzie Belle. 'The Izz' is what I like to call her and she's a basset hound/lab mix. She is always full of energy and so happy to see me. When I'm home she follows me around everywhere and has that sad puppy face when I leave that makes me feel so bad. The Izz is my bundle of joy.

I'm home writing this post with a glass of white wine and Cynthia just yelled, "dinner's ready!" Spaghetti, Italian sausage, meatballs, cheesy bread and salad is on the table. I'm going out to meet up with my friends later. That's why I love home.
The Izz!
My Cincinnati girls!

My dad and brothers at a Skynyrd Concert!

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