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Friday, April 22, 2011


This week, CareerCast released the 2011 Most Stressful Jobs. You’ll never guess (or maybe you can) where public relations officer was ranked…number two. Public relations officer fell right behind commercial airline pilot. 

CareerCast describes the job of a public relations officer: “[They] are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive image with the public for many companies and government agencies. They typically are responsible for giving presentations and making speeches, often in front of large crowds. This highly competitive field and tight deadlines keep stress at high-levels for specialists. Some PR officers, also, are required to interact with potentially hostile members of the media.”

After the stressful jobs of 2011 were released, Lauren Fernandez decided to write an article based on the fact that public relations officers have the second most stressful job. Fernandez talks about how PR jobs aren’t as stressful as firefighters or surgeons and includes the joke, “PR isn’t ER.” She believes the number two spot can’t compete with rescuing people. Fernandez created a list, a very accurate list: ‘11 signs you know you work in public relations’. My favorite being number two: You can power-walk in 5-inch heels with your laptop bag while checking your BlackBerry.  Check it out for yourself here! 

To you future PR folks, sorry to say being very stressed is something you have to look forward to. As for you current PR professionals, do you agree or disagree with the ranking and the 11 signs Fernandez provided?

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  1. Its interesting to see that my profession, Newscaster, is up there as well. It's #5. Crazy to think that we'll just be moving into these professions here in a couple of weeks. I almost don't want to have to think about it. It's something that I HOPE i'll be able to move into soon.