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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Favorite College Memories

In eight short days, I will be receiving my diploma from Ohio Northern University and beginning the next chapter in my life. ONU has provided me with an abundance of memories and knowledge that I will never forget. For my last required blog post, I decided to take a trip down memory lane to recap some of the great times I had as a polar bear in the past four years.

1. The Armory. My first two years in Ada, the Armory was open and that establishment provided me with many fun nights. The Armory had a huge dance floor and often had live bands. I remember sneaking in most of the time so I did not have to pay the five dollars for cover (#cheap). I will never forget the nights I had at the Armory dancing the night away with my closest friends.

2. SAAC Dances. Where do I even begin to describe the wonderful times at SAAC dances? Let’s just say, the volleyball team knows how to have a good time. The food was always delicious and I remember plopping a ridiculous amount of cheesy potatoes on my plate. If you want to see a picture of me in my prime, just look at a picture of me from any SAAC dance.

3. Volleyball. Deciding to play volleyball in college was one of the best decisions I have made in my lifetime. My teammates are the best and made my four years of collegiate volleyball very enjoyable. Being able to experience the final four my sophomore year is one of my greatest memories. Go Bears!

4. 218 E. University Ave. Living off campus my senior year was incredible. I felt so free and like a big girl living on my own. The parties and small gatherings we threw at our house were always so much fun and I will definitely miss this house.

5. The Beagle. I can’t talk about my favorite memories of Ada without mentioning the Beagle! The Beagle is where I have spent every single weekend of my junior and senior year. The Beagle was always followed by a trip to McDonalds, which was just as fun. One of the things I will miss most about Ada is being able to walk everywhere and the Beagle was definitely a good walking distance from my house.

I hope my readers and fellow Polar Bears enjoyed this post. To my graduating seniors, I will miss you all so much as we go different ways in our life. To the juniors, make the most of your last year in Ada because your college career will be done before you know it! Peace out Ada.

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