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Monday, May 9, 2011

Lessons from Professional Bloggers

This week, I read Chapter Seven of Paul Gillin's The New Influencers. The section that really stuck out to me was entitled, "PR pro as blogger." I am new to the blogging world and probably would never have created a blog had I not taken social media at ONU. I thought if I had a blog, no one would read my posts anyways and I would be wasting my time. However, as I enter the real world in two short weeks, I realize my blog could be more important than I think. 

Andy Abramson is a PR professional who understands the blogosphere well. Abramson sees four basic benefits in blogs for his business: being quoted in the media, making new contacts, generating speaking engagements and bringing in business. Each blogger requires a custom pitch and vigorous follow-up. Since I am applying for various public relations and public outreach positions, I realize that keeping my blog will be beneficial to my professional and social world. 

Renee Blodgett is another top blogger in her profession. Blodgett's blog, Down the Avenue, is a smart, savvy, hip and very in tune with the culture of the Silicon Valley. She writes about her professional and personal experiences, and fiction. Blodgett's advice is that bloggers still need to have a message, blogs can't just be conversations. I took time to check out her blog and I was very impressed. I loved how she wrote about a wide range of topics, such as bin Laden's death, the ultimate women's expo, book releases, the galaxy, etc. Blodgett included many pictures, videos, slideshows and her favorite quotes, which I really enjoyed. Blodgett's blog can definitely serve as my 'mentor' blog when I enter the professional world. 

Reading this section in Paul Gillin's book inspired me to keep up with my blog after my social media course is over and I am no longer required to write three times a day. I hope I can find a job where I can utilize my blog to better the company. 

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